Personal trainers are far more accessible (and far more friendly) than you might think. They’re not just for the intense, the rich and famous, or the overweight. Personal trainers are there to benefit everyone. Personal trainers are ideal if you’re training for an event, want to become more toned, ensure optimal health, or maybe you truly do want to become the next Hulk.

But most importantly, personal trainers are the KEY to ensuring you get the most out of your fit life. Check out these 5 reasons to consider hiring a personal trainer!

1. Get Help Setting Realistic Goals
Let’s be honest. If you’re going to a gym, you probably have a goal. Whether it’s short term or long term, you have the motivation to improve yourself. Despite this, studies show simply having a goal is not enough. In fact, 92% of people don’t achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Why? Often times, unrealized goals are a result of being vague. In order to reach a goal, you need to get specific (not just what you want to accomplish , but how). A personal trainer can help you understand specifically what it is you want to achieve and more importantly, how to cultivate a process that will reach your desired outcome. They are masters at creating workout regimens that specifically match your life.

2. See Results Sooner
For many, fitness gets a limited amount of attention each week. Personal trainers ensure you get the most of your time. While working out on your own may make sense on paper, you could be missing key components to expedite your progress. Many gym regulars fall into a routine, often without the realization of mistakes or missed steps.

Personal trainers are experts in the world of fitness. Not only are they knowledgeable of human anatomy, they are fully-versed in motivational tactics and fitness personalization. Their job is to take your goals and turn them into tangible results with carefully-calculated regimens, combinations, and speed based on your personal capability, drive, and desire.

3. Avoid Injuries and Workout Blunders
Nothing sets you back on your fitness goal more than an injury. Personal trainers are educated and happily there to educate you. This education is essential in ensuring your safety during workout and avoiding injury.

The most common injuries in gyms can range from shin splints, to sprained or pulled muscles, and even to stress fractures. Yikes. Most of these injuries occur due to improper equipment use, or simply being unaware of the body’s limits. Having the expertise of a personal trainer will not only educate you on technique, but they will also help limit your risk of injury and ensure optimal safety.

4. Improve Mental Health
It is common knowledge that there is a direct link between exercising and a positive mental state. To optimize this workout euphoria, utilize a personal trainer that will not only get you out of your workout rut, but also be there to motivate you.

Accountability is key to reaching goals. Having a trainer allows you to see the exercises, correct your form, and motivate you to push harder. Think of them as personal cheerleaders, there to pick you up when you’re ready to give up. At the end of the day, your goal is their goal and they want to celebrate victories with you.

5. Establish Habits (and Good Health) For a Lifetime
A personal trainer can teach you to take short-term goals and turn them into long-term practices that will ensure the best YOU for a lifetime.

Trainers know how to give you variety, pacing, and guidance that will keep you from burnout and make you actually like and crave a workout routine.
Studies show that this habit over time not only prevents health risks, but it also enhances better sleep, improves mood, and even boosts your sex drive!

Interested in setting up an appointment with a personal trainer? Let us help you find the right fit!