QUAN·TUM /ˈkwän(t)əm/ (n) def’n: the quantification of things in motion

We’re Nashville’s 100% independently-owned fitness experience. QNTM Fit Life was founded by an individual who set a goal and crushed it, but it wasn’t a walk in the park. His philosophy? Change takes dedication. Change takes variety. Change takes a total lifestyle transformation that’s so much more than just a gym life.

We’re here to encourage you. We’re here to help you see results. We’re here to help you achieve your Fit Life however you see fit.

Because your experiences inside of our state-of-the-art environment are coupled with superior revitalization and recovery amenities, our members are able to live a fulfilling life inside AND outside these walls.



Johnny Wilkins

Johnny Wilkins was overweight for the first 20 years of his life. By 2007, he had reached 250 lbs. at 32% body fat, and a 40″ waist. That’s when he finally decided it was time for a change. He wanted to be healthier, feel better, and get his confidence back.

Fast forward to fall of that same year, and Johnny had fallen in love with fitness. Simple cardio machines led to swimming, which led to running, which led to bodybuilding. Through hard work and better attention to diet, he lost 85 lbs. in a single year. Over time, his workout styles have changed, but his passion for fitness has remained.

Wanting to break away from the limited fitness options that Nashville had to offer, he set out to open his own club. Through purposeful choices in music, service, equipment, and culture, something different took shape. QNTM’s mission was to become a destination that served as much more than simply a place to “workout.” It has evolved into a true fitness community, and Nashville’s Premium Fitness Destination.


Carolyn Grasse

Over 8 years ago Carolyn found herself in a sedentary office job where her nutritional habits and activity level took a serious hit. One year and 40 pounds later, the desk life had taken over. Before things got too out of control Carolyn decided it was time to start making better choices.
Reprogramming your mind and schedule takes effort. Carolyn found that the effort came with obstacles but she refused to let the obstacles stop her. Carolyn took back control of her life and switched careers. Before she knew it she had earned a physical trainer certification and was teaching fitness classes.

After opening a gym, competing in a figure competition, and discovering a new love of distance running Carolyn had a renewed commitment to her fitness goals and a more fulfilling life. She looked high and low for the right place to call her new home and she found her fitness family with QNTM.

Group Experiences Manager

Ashley Vargas

Ashley started her fitness career as a Cycle Instructor 6 years ago and became a Personal Trainer 3 years ago. When Ashley moved to Nashville, she quickly found her second home at QNTM! She started as a Cycle Instructor for QNTM and has continued on to become a Performance Coach in the Fit Lab.

Ashley is passionate about health and wellness and feels group fitness provides a positive and motivating atmosphere that inspires members to stay consistent in living the FitLife.

Sales Manager

Jarell Lawson

Jarell has been in fitness industry for over 10 years holding multiple positions up and down the California coast. His passion for fitness began at young age playing soccer, which enabled him to travel across the country as well as internationally.

After fighting through multiple injuries and surgeries, he realized that sometimes the hardest part is reigniting the the fire that pushes you to become the very best version of yourself. He believes that placing yourself in the right environment among the right people is what motivates you to reach goals you may have once thought to be unachievable. The energy and drive of the QNTM Fit Life staff and it’s members is what brought him here.

Operations Manager

Kylie Moore

Kylie moved to Nashville in October of 2018 shortly after graduating college with a Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training. As lifelong multi-sport athlete, Kylie is no stranger to the physical challenges that you may face; as well as the uphill battle to bounce back. Her active lifestyle transformed from organized sports to living your healthiest and happiest life through fitness.

Upon moving to Nashville Kylie found herself invested in personal and group training, as well as business operations. Approaching three years in Nashville, Kylie has found a career that allows her to combine her passion for fitness with her experience in business operations. Her goal is to ensure that each member of the QNTM family is able to experience the gym in a way that best serves them and their fitness journey. 

Training Manager

Nikko Glasper

After starting college majoring in Computer engineering, Nikko’s gears quickly shifted from what he thought was going to be a better financial career to what he loved and enjoyed his entire life, once realizing what his passion truly was, Sports.

The small skinny kid with glasses, turned Martial Arts Black Belt, turned 4 sport athlete in high school, turned Mix Martial Artist in college, Took his passion for sports and made it a career path. Switching majors to Sports Administration and diving deep into the realms of fitness. 

After college, Nikko started working for a small business gym, where he took up personal training but knew long term his goal in life was to be more than JUST a trainer. Fast forward to present day Nikko uprooted from the small town in Southern Illinois and moved to Nashville, where he’s quickly become a face in the Nashville Fitness Industry. In 2020, Nikko took home both the Nashville Scene & Nashville Fit Mag Best Personal Trainer Awards and has been Promoted to Training Manager here at QNTM, bringing all his dreams to a reality.  

Creative Consultant

Mario Purnell

Mario Purnell has a background in various areas that include fitness, accounting, music, and visual arts. His fitness journey began from football and progressed to personal training while in college, where he earned a Bachelor and Masters degree in Accounting. His fitness background includes bodybuilding, powerlifting, calisthenics, and martial arts. He then transitioned to the accounting field where he worked as a Certified Public Accountant for 8 years. During this time, Mario gained experience in the music industry along with digital content creating. Regardless of the career, Mario maintained a balanced Fit Life by remaining consistent in his fitness training.

He is now a digital branding consultant with an emphasis in photography, videography, and social media branding.