These 3 things are workout routine killers and here’s how to stop them!

Let’s face it. Most of us are self-sabotaging our own workout goals, dreams, and aspirations. We start diets we don’t stick to. We buy expensive boutique memberships that we never use. There is probably a tub of protein powder in our pantry that stands as a testament to a workout routine long abandoned.

That doesn’t have to be us anymore. The bad news is that we are sabotaging ourselves and creating a gap between us and our goals. The good news?

We can fix our worst habits if we really want to.


Meet Procrastination. Definition: The absence of progress. Honestly, this is a tough one to kick. It’s just so easy to do. We tell ourselves, “I’ll get it done tomorrow,” or that “I work better under pressure anyway.” The danger is that even if we do get our procrastinated task done tomorrow, it’s usually at the cost of another task that is due to be completed that day. Thus begins a vicious cycle. When it comes to workouts, procrastination is an absolute momentum killer. As soon as you see gains or results in the gym, you want to keep shoveling coal into your engine. If you don’t do this you risk stalling out. This will make you have to start back from square one.


As we mentioned before, procrastination is a tough one to kick, but motivational speaker Mel Robbins may have found a simple yet powerful solution. Robbins calls her method “The 5-Second Rule”. Essentially she believes that “the moment you feel the instinct to act on a goal or a commitment you should count backward from five and move towards action”. Doing this allows you to kill any fear or thoughts of doubt that will cause you to procrastinate or not act towards your goals. Give it a try the next time you think about backing out of a workout session.

Poor Diet:

We all know we have to get our veggies into our diet if we want to grow big and strong, but how many of us know much more than that. How many of us are creating nutrient matrixes to break down each meal’s fats, carbs, and calories? How many of us are even really planning our meals out? The problem with our diet is not that we are eating junk food all the time. It’s that we are not giving any meaningful thought to our diets. Junk food is a symptom of the overall problem. When we become more aware, then we can start making our lives easier & our meals healthier.


Find a meal prep plan that fits your lifestyle, counts your nutrients for you, and most importantly, saves you time. We suggest finding a service like Clean Eatz. This meal prep retailer provides perfect portioned meals that help you balance your carbs, proteins, and fats. When your meal is portioned correctly, you shield yourself from random hunger cravings or nutrient-deficient foods! If you lead a busy lifestyle, then Clean Eatz is like having a personal chef cook your meals for you! Fix your poor diet habits by letting someone else do the cooking. We have been supplementing our diets with Clean Eatz for months and can definitely help vouch for the value and taste!

Stale Workout Routines:

Have you been riding the same bike at the same gym doing the same cycle routine for the last six months? More than likely, you’ve probably hit a plateau, and you aren’t seeing any significant changes in your physique. These plateaus are especially dangerous because they can lead to you losing motivation to continue working out due to complacency and a lack of challenging exercise. The solution to this is simple.


Switch up your workouts on a more frequent basis. Humans are naturally curious and feel most stimulated when we explore the space outside our current boundaries. Our bodies respond to the shock that exercises induce, but they also adapt over time. Once your body has completely adjusted to your workout routine, your returns will naturally start to diminish. Keep your body at the top of its game by utilizing resources like QNTM Fit Life’s Fit Lab. Here we give you four different workout formats that are satisfyingly challenging and addictively fun!

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Workout routines are like steam engines. You’ve got to build up enough momentum at first to get it going. But once you start chugging along, you will find ways to continuously feed your fire.

Procrastination, poor diet, and stale workout routines can absolutely destroy your hopes of making progress but thankfully, addressing those issues is easy. Getting and staying healthy has never been more critical, so now is the time to make every workout count!