As we slowly reemerge from quarantine, a lot of us realize something. We might have become too used to sheltering at home. We were going stir crazy staying inside, but over the past 6 weeks, we settled into a bit of a stagnant routine. To help your transition back into the outside world (and the gym!) go smoother, we have compiled a list of 5 tips to help you get back on track with your 2020 fitness goals!

Write down your short term goals.

Whether it’s losing a few pounds or getting in the gym, early short term goals are critical to refocusing your brain on where you want to be. Simple objectives like building up enough strength/stamina to do 20 push-ups in one go can do wonders for your self-esteem. Consider it as a snowball effect. You start with one small goal and attain that, then you move on to a slightly harder one. Soon enough, you’ll have built up enough momentum to really start targeting those loftier ambitions.

Skip the elevator & take the stairs.

If you want to get active again, then you actually have to…well, you know… get active again! Make small choices in your daily life that will require you to burn a few extra calories. This means opting for stairs instead of the elevator and taking your dog for longer walks than you usually would. Think about your daily routine and then find ways to squeeze a little extra movement in there. Trust us, this will do wonders for you physically and mentally.

Take a specialized fitness class.

If you’ve grown disenchanted with your current workout routine, that could lead to less efficient workouts, resulting in fewer returns. One way to keep yourself feeling stimulated is to throw a little spice into your fitness recipe. Some gyms offer a few specialized classes like cycling or yoga that you can take advantage of. At QNTM, we have 13 different courses our members can use to add variety and make every workout feel exhilarating. Learn more about the QNTM Fit Lab here.

Get Some Sleep!

Okay, bear with us on this for just a second. At first glance, this tip may seem contradictory. We say this is because of just how awesome you will feel when you’ve gotten enough rest. You feel like you can do anything!

To get those 1997 Leonardo Decaprio vibes, you have to get the optimal amount of sleep that your body needs. If you want to get back to the gym consistently, then you have to take your recovery process seriously. When you eat healthy, stretch properly, and get adequate rest, you will achieve a titanic sized state of sustainable good vibes.

Ask Yourself Why?

You’ve got to know why you are trying to recommit to your fitness routine & what you will get if you stick to it. If you try all the preceding steps and forget to implement this one, then you’ll always end up riiiiiiight… back…

…here again.

Ask yourself what you expect to get if you commit to a regular fitness routine for the rest of your life. Imagine a version of you that you would most like to become. Visualize it, nurture it, and watch it grow.

Or as Spike Lee would say: