Staying on track after the new year is HARD. And keeping New Year’s resolutions? Even harder. Studies show that 25% of people fall off after the first 30 days, and ONLY 8% of people accomplish their goals.

Life happens fast. First, you miss a few days. That turns into a week, and then all of a sudden… you’re a stranger in the gym. But it’s not too late in the year to reach your goals! Check out these 5 tips to get yourself back on track.

1. Try NEW Things
Doing the same thing over and over is bound to make you bored, which is a major cause of breaking a goal or resolution. Sign up for classes that challenge you, excite you, and are always changing. Getting excited about a workout will help you view the gym as exciting instead of something that needs to be done. Opt for a gym that offers variety for best results.

2. Find a Community
It may seem small, but finding a gym that will notice your absence is huge! Knowing someone will hold you accountable can keep you going more often AND push you to work harder. A gym culture that truly cares will make sure your days ON are hardworking and powerful so that your days OFF are few and well deserved.

3. Listen to Your Body
Many people overexert themselves, then give up all together. Set achievable goals, and listen to what your body is telling you. Revitalization is just as important as the workout to keep you on track. Try a sauna or a massage to help you body with a speed recovery up. This will leave you feeling less sore in the morning and ready for another amazing training session!

4. Find a Gym that Fits Your Lifestyle
We’re firm believers that making it to the gym on time shouldn’t be an issue. That’s why we operate 24/7. Our hours don’t stop, which means NO excuses! Come before or after work, at night, on the weekends, or 3 a.m. if that’s what fits you!

5. Find Someone Who Can Push You
Not getting the results you want? That’s a HUGE cause of drop off in fitness. We live in a world of instant gratification, but your fitness goals don’t work like that. Redefine your potential with a personal trainer. They’ll be able to provide a structured plan based on your exact needs, then continue to push you toward your goals.

Ready to get back on track? Let us know what your goals are and we’ll help hold you accountable!