Doing the same thing over and over again is the perfect equation for gym boredom and plateaus. That means dreading the gym or even worse… giving up altogether. That’s why varying your workout routine isn’t just suggested; it’s vital for your growth. Check out these reasons to mix it up in the gym.

You’ll Get Stronger All Over
Whether your goal is slimming down or muscle gain, variation is key. It means you’ll work different muscle groups for a FULL-body workout. Get ready to be sore in places that you didn’t even know were possible.

You’ll Try New Things
You may love your workout because you haven’t tried everything out there. How many times have you felt a new soreness after switching up your routine? That’s because you’re working new muscles your old workout didn’t even reach. When you work out at a gym that has it all, your possibilities for growth are limitless. Look for a place that offers it all.

You’ll Eliminate the “Can’t”s
“I hate cardio, I’m not good at running.”
“I can’t lift weights, I’m not jacked.”
“I can’t box, I’m not a fighter.”

Sound familiar? You can make small steps to get to where you want to be by varying your routine. You don’t have to be a fighter to enjoy a boxing class. You don’t have to be doing squats with hundreds of pounds to lift weights. And you certainly don’t have to be good at running to get your cardio in.

You’ll Give Your Body Time to Recover
In order to maximize your results, you need to give your body time to recover. You can do that with a place that offers you multiple options to get in a workout. It’s essentially the reason you’ll hear people doing “leg day” and then “arm day.” It’s recommended to give your body some recovery time, and you can continue to get better in other areas by mixing up your workout.

If you’re looking for a place that will give you the tools and support for variation, motivation, and optimization, come see us at QNTM Fit Life. We’d love to help you on your journey.